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In the dynamic realm of musical innovation, Skavi’s EP, “Shall We?”, emerges as a testament to the boundless opportunities that arise through collaborative efforts. Comprising the combined talents of Mikerat and Smorgas, this duo embarks on a sonic journey that encapsulates the very essence of collaboration. The EP’s two mesmerizing tracks delve into glitchy soundscapes intertwined with a delightful array of inside jokes, effectively capturing the essence of joint artistic ventures.

“Shall We?” is more than just a title—it’s a question that ignites the spark of creative exploration. Skavi’s EP sparks curiosity and invites listeners to ponder the unlimited horizons that open up when artists come together. The mesmerizing sound design within the tracks resonates as a testament to the potential that lies in saying yes to collaboration. As the glitchy harmonies intertwine and the inside jokes weave a narrative of shared experiences, listeners are prompted to contemplate the profound impact of a simple question: “Shall we?” The EP stands as a reminder that by embracing the collaborative spirit, we unveil uncharted territories of artistic expression, enriching our creative endeavors beyond measure.

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Culminate · Skavi – Shall We? EP
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